Website hosting is a service allowing individuals and organizations to post a web page or
website online. Web pages are stored, hosted on unique computers called servers. When a person
wants to view your website, all he needs to do is type the domain name or web address on the
browser. His own computer will connect him to the server, and then your own web pages will be
displayed to him through their browser.

Are you looking for the best hosting in Malaysia for your new ecommerce business? For your
online venture to be successful, you need to work with expert professionals that can provide all
the technologies that you need.

Make sure that your web hosting provider is highly reliable, and can help you with the following:

1. FTP Access

If you have FTP access, you can upload files from your own local computer straight to your web
server. Creating your website using your very own HTML files allows you to transfer
information from your computer to the website server through FTP.

2. Email Accounts

Many web hosting providers require website owners to have their own domain names. With an
email account and domain name provided by your web hosting business, you can come up with
domain email accounts.

3. WordPress Support

WordPress is a popular web builder. It is a powerful content management system that powers
more than 25% of websites in the digital landscape. Many web hosting professionals
communicate to clients right away if their plans are compatible with WordPress.

How can your ecommerce business benefit from a good web hosting service?
You need a web hosting service to keep your ecommerce website up and running. But, do you
know that web hosts give online business owners more than just hosting services? For instance,
they usually employ in-house technicians to ensure that the websites of their clients are working
well 24/7. If you need troubleshooting, you can immediately reach out to their in-house support.