Back in the day, people would have to go to an actual casino to gamble. But, with the advent of the internet and the technologies that can be used to access it, many people engage in online sports betting and casinos that they can visit online to play certain games.

With the emergence of online forms of gambling, there is no wonder why people get so addicted to it now more than ever before.

The DSM-V states that pathological gambling has become a disorder of its own and necessary treatment would be required to help people who have a gambling problem.

But, how exactly do you spot someone who has a gambling addiction? Here are some signs that you need to be wary of:

One’s Inability to Stop Gambling

Do you know someone who vows to stop gambling but isn’t able to stay committed to that promise? That is another tell-tale sign that someone has a gambling addiction.

Even if you tell them the perils of continually engaging in gambling activities, there are some that just aren’t able to quit by themselves.

Being Obsessed by It

If you know of someone who just cannot stop talking or thinking about gambling, then that is another obvious sign.

One hallmark of addiction is one’s drive to think about the stuff they are addicted to. For instance, if you know someone who is addicted to poker and they cannot seem to stop thinking about various scenarios and strategies that will help them win the game, then that is already a sign of addiction in and of itself.

Not Caring About the Consequences

People who are addicted to gambling will continue gambling despite the consequences. People with this problem would often take out loans, max out their credit cards, or even resort to talking to the loan shark just to get enough funding to continue on; not knowing or even considering the dire consequences that follow those sorts of actions.

Exhibiting Withdrawal Symptoms

People who are addicted to something will often exhibit withdrawal symptoms if they haven’t indulged themselves into that something that they’re addicted to.

In the case of problem gamblers, they are often unruly and quite emotional after not engaging in gambling activities for quite a while. Heck, some serious addicts even become so violent after not having gambled even for just a few hours.

Gambling as a Means to Cope

Gambling activities were created for the sole purpose of providing fun and excitement to people who engage in them. Unfortunately, the activities can be highly addictive which is why people become gambling addicts themselves if left unaided.

People gamble for all sorts of reasons, but if you or someone else try to engage in gambling as a means to cope with life’s stresses, then that is another sign of addiction.

Breaking the Law in Order to Gamble

Gambling requires money and if people have sucked their finances dry, they would often resort to violence or crime in order for them to get the money that they need to continue gambling.