Just starting out as a Web Developer? Watch out for these mistakes, young padawan.

Learning website development can be overwhelming and intimidating. There is the need to go through tons of tutorials and resources to master programming concepts. In order to understand the best practices, you should strive hard to learn from seasoned industry professionals. Below are 6 mistakes you should avoid as a web optimization beginner.

Not Modularizing Your Codes

Make sure that your codes are modular. Never put everything in a single HTML file. This is not only bad practice, it is also difficult and messy to test. Break your JavaScript, HTML and CSS codes into external files. By breaking them, you can separate functionality from your own view.

Not Using Semantic HTML

Don’t overuse <span> and <div>. Always utilize the semantic elements of HTML5. Why? Simply because they are accessible. Learn more about semantic elements, and markup hierarchy creation. Having a deep dive on accessibility is a good skill, and can further impress potential employers.

Failure to Incorporate Responsive Design

Incorporating a responsive design is important for every web development project. As a newcomer, you should familiarize yourself immediately with the significance of mobile browsing. Your website should respond to various screen sizes. Take a crash course on responsive design. Learn how to utilize media queries to customize your app uniquely.

Depending on jQuery

jQuery is a popular JavaScript library which builds a layer of abstraction intended for DOM manipulation, event handling and animations. Several developers start their front-end journey with the misconception that this programming language is much easier compared to JavaScript.

You should know that jQuery will never replace JavaScript, and depends on whether it can generate bad implications on your ability to grow as a front-end web developer.

Depending on JS Frameworks

The JavaScript community has plenty of hot frameworks. If you are a newcomer in the web development industry, make sure to understand JavaScript first. Don’t go straight into these tools. It’s true that having the ability to work with JavaScript libraries and frameworks are good marketable skills. But, it is important to focus on JavaScript first.

Utilizing Bootstrap

Bootstrap is a UI framework for building websites.

Several web developers view Bootstrap as one of the easiest ways to style a website application. But, depending on this is a big hindrance, especially in the eyes of potential employers. Why? It shows a professional’s lack of knowledge on CSS basics and performance.

Incorporating Bootstrap in small website applications can have performance implications.