From time to time, we need to give our babies some medicines, as well as vitamins to make them stronger. However, the taste of these things might put off a lot of babies, which is why you will need to do some techniques to help them ingest the substance.

You could use a baby milk bottle to help them feed first and then slowly introduce the medicine to them in the middle of the feeding session. But there are also other tips which I will share in this article.

1. Put on a Happy Face

Babies are smarter than you think. They can actually sense vibrations and negative energy, which is why putting on a happy face will help them ingest the medicines and vitamins that their body needs.

According to Dr. Tanya Altmann, you want to act positive about taking their medicines because they know if the person that is with them is anxious or exuding negative vibes.

2. Use a Dropper or Syringe to Help Bypass the Taste Buds

Kids and babies tend to spit out any bitter-tasting food that they’ve put in their mouths. That is why you have to bypass the taste buds to help them ingest the medicine that they need to take.

In order for you to do this, you will need to have a syringe or a dropper. To do it properly, you will have to slide the dropper or syringe along the check toward the back of the mouth and then slowly squeeze them for the medicine to go out.

Alternatively, you can put a dropper or syringe halfway on the back of the tongue and coax your child to suck on the dropper instead.

Even if your child is big enough to drink from a cup, this technique is helpful for kids of all ages.

3. Use Certain Flavorings to Help Mask the Taste

As mentioned earlier, kids do not want to taste anything that is bitter. That is why it is a good thing to add some nice flavorings to the medicine in order to disguise them- leading your child to believe that it is actually candy.

There are some pharmacies that will help add certain kiddie flavors into the mix. I highly recommend grapes, banana, and watermelon flavor as these are known to be kids’ favorites.

4. Give Them a Choice

Sometimes, relinquishing control over your kids can help, especially if you are trying to give them their medicines. Give them a choice. For example, allow them to choose whether to drink the medicine from a cup or a dropper. Perhaps, they may also want it flavored as well.

5. Pretend Play

Children love roleplaying, which is a good idea if you want them to take those bitter medications. Perhaps, playing doctor is not really a bad idea after all.

6. Use Reason

Being honest with your child is very important as it will help them understand how things work in the real world. If the medicine is bitter-tasting, tell that to them honestly, but also tell them why it is necessary for them to ingest it.