Kuala Lumpur is one of the best places in Malaysia and because it is a bustling part of the country, you can expect to have luxurious hotels in the area.

In fact, a lot of honeymooners and people expecting to grab girl escort services in Kuala Lumpur, actually go to the place to find the best hotels.

Today, I am going to talk about some of the most popular romantic hotels in Kuala Lumpur.

Majestic Hotel

This hotel is considered to be an icon in the country simply because it has been around for so many years, even dating back shortly after the second world war.

That being said, the Majestic Hotel in Kuala Lumpur is divided into two buildings, namely the Majestic Wing and the Tower Wing.

This place still holds a majestic and charismatic vibe and guests can expect something magical as soon as they enter the premises.

Traders Hotel

The Trader’s Hotel in Kuala Lumpur is a 5-star hotel that is just located adjacent to the Suria KLCC.

With an amazing location to boot, guests can enjoy the hotel’s amazing services and you can expect to receive one of the best internet connections in the country.

The hotel is known for its business-style suites, but honeymooners can also enjoy their stay in this luxurious hotel.

Grand Hyatt

When looking for a hotel, frequent travelers would always advise you to book a reservation in hotels with favorable locations. You want to go to a hotel that is close to tourist spots, which is what Grand Hyatt is known for.

This hotel is within walking distance to some of the country’s most popular tourist destinations, including the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center, Petronas Twin Towers, among others.

This hotel also allows fit-minded people to get their daily exercise since this place provides them with a 24-hour fitness center that is equipped with all of the latest gym equipment.

Park Royal

Another hotel situated in a great location, the Park Royal Hotel in Kuala Lumpur is a 21-storey building that is close to the city’s prime shopping spots. Aside from that, the hotel is also home to one of Malaysia’s Top 100 best restaurants, the Si Chuan Dou Hua. So, if you want to take a bite, just head downstairs.


A 35-storey hotel, the Hilton Hotel in Kuala Lumpur is known for its impeccable service. Because of that, many business meetings and conferences happen within its premises.

You can expect to have a good time using its many different facilities and be mesmerized with one of their in-house artists, Infantino Fernandes.


Another hotel that is known for its excellent service, the Westin hotel offers plenty of rooms to choose from that will suit everyone’s needs.

A standout feature of the hotel is its Kids Club which provides little ones with fun activities that will help them get occupied during the course of the day.

For couples, there is a rooftop pool with a luxurious view of the entire city.