There are many foods and supplements for men that are being introduced in the market. Most of them have benefits for our health but your unlucky if you pick the bad ones. Here’s a guide for you to have a knowledge on what food you should not pick on the grocery store:


All right, we all know that alcohol is not exactly good for you, except for the occasional red wine glass. Yet we’re still doing it. But if you’re trying for better health, it’s best to limit alcohol in any way, because booze appears to be high on the sugars (and/or sugar), which can lead to more weight in the stomach.

Fatty meats:

steaks, bacon and rib eye may taste amazing, but I have some bad news about their health effects. You can get high blood pressure and heart disease if you consume too much of this type of food, so it’s best to limit certain choices in your diet.

Fast food and processed food:

I know that fast food and prepackaged food is fast and convenient. But for your well being they’re just pretty bad (which you already knew!). Everyone needs that much salt and saturated fat in their diet, so keep it to a minimum if you really need to stick to key nutrients.

Sugary drinks or snacks:

cakes, muffins, donuts, fruit juices, and soda may be appealing in a pinch… but they are usually packed with crazy amounts of sugar that you don’t need in your body. Simply say no.


I believe we’ve all been told that margarine was healthier for us years ago, but new studies have discovered that real butter is better, not only from a taste point of view, but also from a health point of view! That’s because its products are much more normal than margarine, which has tons of trans fats that create cholesterol rates chaos.

Now that you know the foods that men are supposed to consume–and the foods to stay away from –there’s no excuse not to strive toward optimum fitness! If you want to stay in good health, you owe it to yourself to get as many key nutrients as you can.