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4 Ecommerce SEO Trends to Prepare for this 2019

4 Ecommerce SEO Trends to Prepare for this 2019

The digital landscape is rapidly changing and progressing. This means that the search engine optimization world is also improving. If you are running your own e-commerce business, then you need to implement a good marketing strategy and SEO services packages to stay relevant.

Below are 4 trends that will help you grow your business this 2019:

1.    User Experience3 Three ثلاثة by Algerian

If you want to gain more website visitors and customers, you need to focus on user experience. Research proves that websites with over 3 seconds of loading time can lose around 40% of visitors. It’s not just about loading speed. Business owners should also prioritize layout, readability, user interface and most importantly, mobile responsiveness.

2.    Website Security

Google loves rewarding websites with great visibility and ranking on the SERPs. Put your best foot forward by migrating your website from HTTP to a secure one with an HTTPs. This green sign at the address bar means that your website is safe to enter. Your visitors would feel safe and secure about sharing their bank details, and other sensitive details.

3.    Voice Searchvoice by danilo

Cortana, Siri and Alexa are gradually becoming part of our day-to-day experiences. It is now possible for us to interact with them at home, or at your car while on the road. Voice search equates to 24/7 technology. By incorporating this tactic in your marketing strategy, then you can give your customers good customer service.

4.    Conversions and Brand-Building

For every business owner, conversions would always trump rankings. Rankings are good at gaining more traffic, but conversions put cash on the table. Don’t forget to incorporate link building in your marketing strategy. This is an important e-commerce technique that will help you build good relationships with other bloggers and website owners within your niche.